Roomba 980 vs i7

Irobot Roomba 980 vs i7 for a Cleaner and More Hygienic Home Living Get Roomba 980 vs. i7, which is the best between them? The performance of iRobot Roomba series should not be questioned anymore. Yes, this brand is known as one of the leaders of robot vacuum with high technology. One of the most popular series from iRobot Roomba is Roomba 989. There are even so many customers who look for iRobot Roomba 980 best price. But is it true that the product is that good? Besides, how is it about the i7 series? Is it better than 980 or not? Here are the explanations.
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Irobot Roomba 980 vs i7 for a Cleaner and More Hygienic Home Living

Roomba 980 vs Roomba i7 vs 960

There are so many articles that compare this series with others from Roomba. For example, you may often see titles like Roomba 960 vs. 980 vs. i7 or Roomba 980 vs. Roomba i7. It is reasonable. The product has featured a better sucker that can work up to 10 times better than others. So, in terms of performance, this product is indeed better.

The navigation system is also really great. It features vSLAM technology to scan surrounding and acknowledge spots and placements. This way, the dirt can be cleaned without damaging other tools, properties, and electronic devices. The product is good for homes with pets. It removes fur as well as allergens that can cause health problems.

Roomba i7 review

Interestingly, Roomba i7 has some similar features to the 980 series. Its Power Lifting Suction delivers around 10 times air power for performance enhancement. So, in this matter, Roomba i7 vs 980 comparison is just fair.

The intelligent mapping and navigation are also applied here. It still has the iAdapt feature but with a higher technology in which Roomba i7 has the 3rd series. Based on this fact, it is clearly seen that this one is better than 980 Roomba.

Roomba i7 review Reddit also stated that this product is good for homes with furry pets like cats and dogs. It cleans the floor, rugs, and other surfaces completely without remaining tiny dirt including bacteria and allergens. This product is even claimed to be perfect to remove around 99% allergens from dogs.

Roomba 980 or Roomba i7

It is clear enough which one the winner is although the winning indicator is actually not really significant. Yes, it is only about the mapping technology system of i7 that is more modern anyway. But sure, both are worthy to buy. The 980 series is even good if you want to have one with a cheaper price. You can get the iRobot Roomba 980 best price anyway