roomba 980 irobot

Looking for an unbiased Roomba 980 iRobot review? Consider yourself lucky because you have stumbled upon one. Yes, just like you, I also had to look for a bunch of reliable reviews to help me make a final decision back then and I decided to make one of my own for the same reason: to help fellow customers get the much needed information and the right review from someone who has truly used the vacuum cleaner.

Roomba 980 iRobot Review and Buying Guide

Finding the right vacuum cleaner is not an easy task. This level of difficulty grew exponentially if you had a pet like me because do you even have an idea just how annoying pet hair is? Of course, I prefer fluffy and beautiful dogs, but this personal preference comes with a huge price. Dogs shed their pet hair, it’s inevitable, but the moment it touches the carpet, furniture and many other places, we end up with a one complex homework.

If you thought vacuum cleaner would help, they didn’t. Very often, I had to vacuum three to four times and still has to go back and brush the carpet and other problem areas manually to make sure it’s thoroughly clean. This takes time, energy, and let’s not forget about the utility bills from all those vacuuming sessions.
roomba 980 irobot
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Fortunately, I came across the magnificent iRobot Roomba 980. A compact, yet extremely powerful robotic vacuum cleaner. Yes, I am sure you are now gasping in disbelief. That’s correct, I did write ‘robotic’ because that is exactly what sets this vacuum cleaner apart from its vacuum cleaner counterparts. If you are pessimistic about its performance, you may as well go ahead and read the following features that the Roomba 980 proudly boasts:

Auto-schedule for 7 cleaning sessions

The Roomba 980 is perhaps one of the most advanced vacuum cleaner on the market. Putting its robotic nature aside, the compact appliance is impressive enough with its Auto-schedule feature. Set the time and date using the top bottom and you’re good to go.

Three stages of cleaning

The first stage of cleaning is started with agitating any embedded pet hair, dirt or debris using its patented rotating brush. Once the dirt has been successfully removed, its powerful airflow will immediately suck the dirt in and keep it in its AeroVac filter. This way you will not have to worry about allergens. The last stage involves scanning the area to ensure its cleanliness, which is another reason why I feel compelled to recommend this robotic cleaner on my Roomba 980 iRobot review.